Why order wholesale tea with us?

● Our Assamica Black tea is 100% pure, organic, fresh, and GMO-free; non-toxic, nothing-added

●   Shipping minimum order from 1 kg

● Providing a comprehensive wholesale service for hotels, spas, restaurants, cafes, healthcare centers, the hospitality industry, etc.

●   Planting and harvesting with the highest quality

●  Certified by the USDA and EU organic standards, and can issue the Certificate of Inspections (COI) for organic products.

●We’re a specialty organic tea company and reckoned as a creditable wholesale tea supplier in Thailand

How we plant the Assamica Black tea

  Our organic Assamica Black tea is directly from the organic tea small farm in northern Thailand. It must be organically grown at least 1,200 meters above sea level, and the professional tea maker carefully selected by handpicking to guarantee the best quality and freshness. Therefore, you can ensure to get the organic, purest, freshest, and cleanest Assamica Black tea.

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About Northlandtea

    We are a manufacturer and distributor of a specialty organic tea company based in Thailand. We’re passionate about offering the highest quality and purest original tea flavor under USDA and EU organic standards.

   From the beginning of cultivation to the last step of production, we put utmost care to provide you with the freshest, purest, cleanest, and highest quality products. We also enjoy improving the finest selection of organic tea with creativity for our customers.

Our Certification

    Here at Northlandtea, Our product is certified by the USDA and EU organic world standards and is GMO-free. That means it is free from Genetically Modified Organisms; non-toxic, non-chemical, no artificial coloring, and artificial flavoring added.

    We can issue the Certificate of Inspections (COI) by the control body. The pre-shipment inspection is required for the importation of organic products into many developing countries
such as the USA, UK, Canada, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Netherland, Belgium, Australia etc.

Product Details

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Our bulk customers

    Our organic Assamica Black tea is most appropriately used in hotels, spas, restaurants, cafes, retailers, healthcare centers, the hospitality industry, etc. Because we’re shipping a minimum order of 1 kg, you will get the highest quality and freshest tea directly delivered from our local organic farm. So there’s no need to order a large number of wholesale tea. How easy!

About our organic Assamica Black tea

    Our organic Assamica Black tea has been our Best-seller tea product forever. The organic USDA black tea with whole leaves produces aunique little bitter flavor,outstanding fragrance, andbeautiful dark copper-colored infusion. In addition, black tea contains potential health benefits such as being high in antioxidants, boosting heart health and metabolism, lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels, reducing blood pressure, reducing the risk of cancer, etc.

Multiple usages of Assamica Black tea

● Perfect for tea blends,cocktails,mocktails,hot and cold beverages,dessert,bakery,ice cream,food, etc.

● Can be used for fermenting as Kombucha

● Can be used for natural Black tea extract for skincare

● Can be used for natural hair treatments and soap

  • Our Service

    We are open 24/7 and welcome all orders! We provide a comprehensive wholesale service for our customers and sell a minimum order of wholesale tea from 1 kg. We also export tea with professional service and fast shipping. If you require a Certificate of Inspections (COI) for organic products, please let us know! We can issue by the control body.

    In case of bulk purchasing over 100 Kg, we can provide you with the Ocean freight shipment to save your shipping cost. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Just supping your cup of tea, and we will respond to you right away.


  • International Airfreight (Door to Door)

    7-14 business days

  • Ocean Freight

    1 month+

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