Ketogenic or Keto has become popular nowadays. It is considered a success for diet methods. Most people try to choose Keto-diet because it is safe to lose weight, healthy for the body, and can boost your energy for a day.

       Have you ever wondered, ‘Is it possible to drink tea during Keto-diet?’. In fact,tea is friendly to Keto! There is various tea, such as Green tea, Black tea, Herbal tea, fruit tea, and Blended tea, which are no-sugar and contains sugar. But theKeto teashould betea leaves made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis(Tea plants) orherb leaves(sometimes called Herb Infusion). So, let’s discover WHICH tea is Keto tea!

Keto is...

What is Keto?

     First of all, Keto is a way to lose weight by consuming low-carb and low-sugar food, and consuming more fat and protein instead. As a result, the body will produce ‘Ketones’ and lead to the ‘Ketosis process.’ This process means bringing out the fat and protein to use as the main energy source instead of glucose.

     Keto-diet is not only beneficial for those who need to lose weight. But it benefits Type 2 diabetes patients, Alzheimer’s disorder, Epilepsy disorder, Ovarian cyst disorder, or Obesity.
(However, Keto is not recommended for kidney and liver disease.)

Keto Tea: How tea is friendly to Keto?

   It’s a common question with, ‘Can I drink tea during Keto-diet?’ and ‘How tea is friendly to Keto?’. First, we have to say that it is essential to stay hydrated for Keto-diet. The body will take into the ‘Ketosis process’, when the liver produces Ketones resulting in loss of water, electrolytes, and nutrients. And this can lead to dehydration. Therefore, to stay hydrated by drinking water or consuming water-rich food (such as watermelons or tomatoes) is essential.

    Drinking tea is one of the options for a Keto-diet, which is next to the water. However, Keto tea must be pure tea without nothing-added! Except for the Keto-friendly sweeteners such as Keto syrup or Honey keto. Another Keto tea is herbal tea; some herbs are not carbs. Try to avoid some fruit teas, because some fruits can turn into sugar and carbohydrate. Although Genmaicha tea is beneficial to your health and blended with Green tea, you should avoid Genmaicha tea though. Caused Genmaicha tea blended with roasted pop rice, which contains carbohydrates. All Keto-diet knows that it shouldn’t be consumed!

Best Keto tea: Which tea is friendly to Keto?


    Green tea

    The best choice for a Keto-diet drink! Green tea is rich in antioxidants, helps weight loss, and makes you lean muscles. Also, Green tea is Calorie-free, so you can enjoy it.

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    Black tea

    Studies show that Black tea contains low-carb, typically less than 1 gram per 240 ml. Black tea also makes you enjoy both hot and iced tea!

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    Herbal tea

    Such as Chamomile tea and Peppermint tea. Most herbal tea is low in carbs. So it's friendly to Keto for sure!

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" Besides, tea is an alternative drink for Keto-diet; it can be perfect for cooking too! You can create your Keto menus using tea as an ingredient. There are various types of Keto tea. Consists of Green tea, Black tea, Flower tea, or Herbal tea. Be careful with some fruit teas, rice tea, and blended tea. Causes some ingredients in tea can be turned into sugar and carbohydrate. If you want to consume tea with Keto-diet, we recommend searching for tea ingredients. "



Let’s choose your Keto tea for your favorite drinks and menus!

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