Our Tea Mission

" Make it the way natural intended, away giving you the best tasting highest quality in new experience "

We are a manufacturer and distributor of organic tea in Thailand. Since our passion for organic quality tea, we enjoy improving the finest selection of organic tea with creativity for people. You can ensure that all of our products are worth a reasonable price as we put utmost care from the land of tea growing until the last step of production to make the freshest, purest, cleanest, and highest quality products with USDA & EU Organic world standard to our valuable clients around the world.

Local friendly farm*

Northlandtea is not only a business organic tea brand company, but we are one of the local farmer supporters, as well as, the earth. It is one of our main goals to efficiently develop the business together with the world and people for sustainability. We encourage forest-friendly organic farms with local farmers who have tea growing experiences 50 years from generation to generation for the highest quality of our organic tea.

Our Unique

Professional Tea Masters

Tea Blending & QC checking by professional tea masters

Fresh & New Teas

Direct from Farm

Make to order for freshest & new teas product

Custom Blend

Consult & create your signature teas for the business the way you are


High advantage in organic quality and price by covering complete supply chain