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  • Tearista

  • Bottle Tea

  • Kombucha

  • Milk Tea

  • Matcha

  • Tea Mocktail

  • Kombucha Mocktail & Tea Frappe

  • Pure Tea

  • Non-Caffeine

  • Coffee Cold Brew

Homemade Bakery

  • Scones*

  • All Bakery

  • Homemade Jam

Story of Northlandtea

The beginning
of the tiny tea leaf

Northlandtea café

    From the passion 💚 for scent & taste of tea plants, becomes a tea café presenting the affective tea drinks through each cup with creation.

    We select the hand-picked teas from organic farm without chemical & pesticide over 3 years. Also, the teas are certified USDA Organic and taken good care by professional tea masters for the highest utility with full-leaf teas.

    The more you drink, the more plants are grown. We are environmentally friendly tea company, our tea drinks not only good for health, but also the world you live.

    Let NorthlandTea Specialtytea be a part of encouragement your good health & make the better world for people through creating your cup of tea with our signature blended teas.

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