There is nothing more about reviving your tiring day than a glass of cold-brew tea for this summer. The most popular energy drink for hot weather! It’s easy to make, only uses loose-leaf tea and pure water. Let’s refresh your day with Cold brew tea!

 Remember, cold brew tea is not a ready-to-drink. Instead, the process uses the time to brew it, basically a minimum of 8 hours. 

Cold brew tea is...

What is Cold Brew Tea?

         Cold-brew tea is similar to hot brew tea but uses cold water instead. It is tea steeped in the cold or at room temperature, and the process brews tea leaves slow and gentle. It’s using time to release the best flavor of the tea.

 In addition, the caffeine in cold brew tea is less than in hot tea (about 50%).

Basic Ingredients

- 1,000 ml of pure water
- 10 g of any kind of loose-leaf tea
- Cold-brew teapot, pitcher, or glass container with a lid (any kind is preferred)
- Fresh fruit for decoration (optional)

Let's make Tea!

  • Step : 1

    Pour cold or room temperature water and add loose-leaf tea to the cold-brew teapot.

    Note:Our recipe is just a guideline. More or fewer tea leaves, depending on your preferred taste.

  • Step : 2

    Cover and place your container in the fridge for 8-12 hours, basically overnight.

  • Step : 3

    When your cold brew tea is finished, don’t forget to strain out tea leaves. 

    Note:Strain out tea leaves when the tea is to your taste. Otherwise, your tea will be bitter.

  • Step : 4

    Pour the cold brew tea into your glass or tumbler with ice. Add your preferred option like fresh fruit, honey, syrup, soda, lemon, etc. Or you can use cold brew tea for making tea cocktails and tea mocktails.

    Your cold brew tea is ready!

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