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      Tips for Steeping Loose Leaf Tea

      To become a perfect cup of tea, it’s not only boiled tea or poured hot water through the tea. Instead, steeping tea is to infuse tea bags or loose leaf tea in heated water and leaves it at an exact time. However, the different tea requires different times for bringing out the good taste of tea. 

              Before we start, here is the important thing that you should know; “Shouldn’t steep your tea for too long, and do not boil tea with too hot water!” Unless it's not bringing out the best tea flavor, it will become a bitter taste because it releases tannins.

      Tea Steeping Chart

      TeaAmount of tea leaves Water temp.
      (degrees celsius)
      Amount of waterTime
      Black2.5 g / 0.09 oz90-97°C180 ml / 6 oz3-5 mins
      Green2.5 g / 0.09 oz80°C180 ml / 6 oz2-4 mins
      Oolong 2.5 g / 0.09 oz80-90°C180 ml / 6 oz3-5 mins
      Herbal, Fruit, Flower2.5 g / 0.09 oz97-100°C180 ml / 6 oz5-7 mins

      Tea Steeping Tips

      1. Over-steeping kills the tea taste

              To steep the tea for too long with too hot water is not good. It will release Tannins, causing the over-strong and bitter flavor.

      2. Choose your teaware

              Teacup, tea kettle, teapot, brew basket, infuser, tea bag, etc., are preferences! You can choose any tools you have and prefer to steep your favorite tea.

      3. Water is an important factor

              Pure water is recommended! Because low-quality water can affect
      your tea taste.

      4. Heating water by microwave is not suggested

              It's possible to heat water by microwave, but we don't recommend it. Steeping tea has to use heated water at the proper temperature, so you should boil it instead.

      5. Remove the infused tea leaves when tea steeping is finished

              Don't forget to remove the tea leaves as soon as the steeping tea is finished. Otherwise, it will be over-steeping and make your tea bitter.

                   Anyway, These tips are just a guide for beginners. The different steeping times and steeping temperatures offer different tea flavors. Experiment with your own steeping methods to discover your taste and strengthen. Let’s enjoy your new journey with tea!

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