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      Tea Shelf Life: Does tea expire?

                  Do you wonder for Does tea expires? The answer is Yes! Storing dried tea leaves for the last longer is not just about keeping. Because if you don't know how to properly store tea leaves, the tea leaves will lose quality, and the tea's flavor will be spoiled. Therefore, maintaining the value of tea leaves is very important.

                  In fact, tea leaves can usually be stored for two years from purchase. But actually, this isn't tea expiration. It is just the Best Before Date. The tea shelf life is longer than two years because it is dried tea leaves. So you can still consume your tea leaves as long as possible if it is well kept away from humidity and sunlight. The reason is that humidity and sunlight will make tea leaves moldy and low-quality.

                  The key to storing the tea shelf life longer is how to make the tea's aroma last as long as possible. So let's see how to properly keep your tea leaves to the last longer!

      Tips for storing loose leaf tea longer

      1. Store it away from high temperature, sunlight, moistness, and sources of mold

                   You should choose a tightly closed or a double lid container to prevent air from entering. Avoid using containers where light can straight through them. Because it will result in the tea leaves losing their value. And should not contain tea leaves in containers with a smell or keep tea leaves close to  smelly things. Because the tea leaves have odor-absorbing properties may result in a distorted taste of the tea.

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      2. Always close the tea packaging tightly

                   If you don’t want the tea’s scent to be faded, don't forget to close your tea packaging tightly and do not open it for too long.

      3. Do not use wet spoons to scoop tea leaves

                   You should avoid moistness because it is considered the main factor that easily destroys the quality of tea leaves, and tea leaves will be moldy. Instead, you should use a completely dry spoon to scoop the tea.

      According to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards, tea leaves are dehydrated to maintain moisture content of only 2% or less. Therefore, tea leaves will have a long tea shelf life and not be moldy. Northlandtea has a standardized manufacturing process, so our product has a longer tea shelf life. It can be stored as long as possible if there’s no degenerated factor. The tea shelf life is usually two years from purchase, but that’s just a best before date. If you keep tea leaves away from humidity and sunlight, the tea shelf life will last longer,
      and they can still be eaten.

      For more information on our products, you can visit our website; Northlandtea