Tea culture has become widely popular nowadays. Of course, most people are introduced to tea by using a teabag first. Because it's easy to buy and easy to brew. On the other hand, loose leaf tea provides you with a wonderful experience with taste and aroma, and potential health benefits.

 Let's see both pros and cons, and which tea type is the best choice for you!

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

  • What is Loose leaf tea?

         Loose leaf tea is fully harvested tea leaves typically made up of whole and unbroken tea leaves.
    So it is more flavorful than a tea bag and can steep multiple times. Tea is brewed by placing hot water directly in the tea leaves. When the tea is steeped for the right time, it will be filtered by the tea strainer or tea ball. Moreover, a loose leaf tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, beneficial for your health.

  • What is Teabag?

         Teabags are filter bags that contain tea grounds. However, it is widely popular with tea drinkers because it is portable and easy to brew. You can brew tea conveniently by pouring hot water into the tea bag's cup. Importantly, do not use a spoon to press the tea bag because it may make the tea taste bitter.

Pros and Cons: Loose leaf tea vs Tea bag

Pros & Cons of Loose leaf tea


● Loose leaf tea is fresh, whole, and unbroken. So loose leaf tea provides more flavor and aroma than tea bags.

● Loose leaf tea provides many potential health benefits. It's safe to consume for sure! 

● Loose leaf tea is not dusty on the bottom of a cup.

● Loose leaf tea can be re-steeped multiple times. This can save your cost.

● Loose leaf tea is more flexible to brew. You can control the strength of tea flavor; add more or fewer tea leaves for your preference. 

● Loose leaf tea has no plastic waste like tea bags; it's more Eco-friendly!

● Used tea leaves can be used as a fertilizer. So, it's Zero-waste that helps reduce tea dumps.


● Loose leaf tea takes more steps to prepare.

● A tea strainer or tea ball is required for steeping loose leaf tea. It may be inconvenient because you have to wash more tools. 

Pros & Cons of Tea Bag


● Convenient and easy to brew.

● No need to use a tea strainer.

● Teabag is easy to find in most grocery stores.


● Teabag is dust or fanning. It provides a milder tea flavor and aroma than loose leaf tea.

● Teabag has dust on the bottom of a cup.

● Teabag can steep in once because it's single-use.

● The tea bag is not clear to be safe for consumption. Even if it claimed food-grade tea bags, it's still microplastic. The microplastic may be contaminated, and it's definitely not good for your health.

● Teabag is not flexible to brew because teabag is fixed and small in size and has limited tea leaves inside. So you cannot control the strengths of tea flavor.

● Teabag has more plastic waste. Because it's single-use and has cover packaging each. For example, 10 tea bags use 10 cover packaging.

● Biodegradable tea bags take more time to decompose than tea leaves.


"  In fact, Loose leaf tea and tea bags are attractive in their own way. Of course, we can't decide when it comes to preferences and comfort. So consider which tea type you prefer, your convenience, and the tea benefits "


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