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    Northlandtea Blog

    Stay Away from COVID-19 with Jiaogulan Tea

    Stay Away from COVID-19 with Jiaogulan Tea

    Jiaogulan or Gynostemma pentaphyllum, a famous herb in South East Asia and the most popular growing in Thailand, is rich in minerals and vitamins for health. It is also called ‘herb of immortality’ in China since its abilities are able to cure you both of common health problems and serious health conditions, including, diabetes, heart health, respiratory diseases and cancer.

    Jiaogulan’s beneficial effects on the immune system are mostly because the amazing herb can build-up antioxidant to prevent body’s healthy cells from free radicals; atoms which can damage cells and lead to infection and diseases.


    Whenever you feel uncomfortable as illness meaning that your immunity’s system is weak, the minerals and vitamins from Jiaogulan will boost your body’s immunity system up to fight and protect you from viruses, bacteria and parasites. Therefore, to have Jiaogulan regularly may be another choice to keep you away from diseases and the currently pandemic; Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

    In present, although there are not any researches proving that Jiaogulan can treat people for COVID-19, this immortal herb has plenty of significant healthy minerals to support and protect you from many diseases.


    There are numerous human and animal studies having shown Jiaogulan has abilities to protect and strengthen the immune system function due to its antioxidant properties and abilities to balance Nitric Oxide production. In case of the production of too much Nitric Oxide by immune system, this can cause a variety of problems, including, inflammation, sepsis and autoimmune diseases.

    Moreover, Jiaogulan is also effective against respiratory issues, such as cough, asthma, chronic bronchitis, and chronic trachea – inflammation of the trachea

     There is a research revealed that in a clinical study of 86 patients with chronic bronchitis, Jiaogulan was found to effectively treat 93% of the cases.


    Nowadays, the herb is not only popular in South East Asia but it is demanded for people around the world especially, the people who work in medical and beauty field. For the reasons above, we completely intend selecting the best organic Jiaogulan to ensure everyone gaining as much as its benefits.

     Researchers believe that the main reason for this general benefit is that it contains two very important antioxidants – glutathione and superoxide dismutase. These two antioxidants are crucial in preventing aging and promoting longevity.

     In human clinical studies, administration of Jiaogulan three times daily for two months was beneficial for all 106 patients (in the study) in reducing general signs and symptoms of aging, such as fatigue, lack of energy, aversion to cold, diarrhea, poor memory, decreased balance, insomnia, and excessive dreams.

     All we know that there are many ways to defense against COVID 19, for example, wearing a mask all time, washing your hands often, and keeping physical distancing. However, to keep your body immune system healthy is the best way to protect yourself from it. The more your immune system stronger, the more you safer from infection.


    So, we continuously develop our Jiaogulan to be the best and purest for everybody by planting in organic farm on high mounts in North of Thailand, watering with natural water and hand-picking every single leaf by more fifty-year experiences local farmers. We mean choosing the best way to keep the best part of the tea for maintaining the qualities, taste and smell of the tea.


    Also, Our Jiaogulan tea was certified by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that our tea is from natural sources and safety. Anyway, Jiaogulan is one of many good supplements which can support your immune system stronger and also give a lot of health benefits to you without any negative effects to your body. Hopefully, you will enjoy with our blog and Jiaogulan tea.


    For more information of our products, you can visit at our website; www.northlandtea.com If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to let us know; contact us directly at Email: lovecustomer@northlandtea.com




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    A Cup of Jiaogulan a Day Keep Your Feeling Down Away

    A Cup of Jiaogulan a Day Keep Your Feeling Down Away

    Have not you been in a mood some days? Waking up with bad emotion, or feeling down after your hard day working. If you do that, how you deal with all those feeling?

     Luckily, some can find out the way to treat their mind by working out, hanging out, or relaxing with their own favorite hobbies. Everyone has their own ways to deal with the problems but, is it better to solve these problems from inside out?

    Some people may look for some herbs or supplements with adaptogens which can increase the body’s ability to counter and resist physical, chemical, biological, emotional, and environmental stressors. So, we would like to recommend one of our best seller products; Jiaogalan. It can reduce mental and physical stress.

    There is an animal-based study indicating that Jiaogulan may help protect against stress-related anxiety disorders. In tests on mice, the study's authors observed that Jiaogulan helped inhibit stress-induced anxiety, possibly by influencing activity in certain brain cells involved in regulating mood.

    Another study, one double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trial demonstrated the herb’s ability to significantly reduce anxiety and stress in groups of high anxiety and normal individuals by over 20% and 10% respectively, as evaluated by standard anxiety and stress tests.

    Jiaogulan has also shown promise in the treatment of depression. It is one of the best teas for stress and anxiety. Therefore, having a warm cup of Jiaogulan a day is an interesting way to relieve your everyday stress. Because we totally understand what you feel and do not want it to ruin your day.


    If you are interested in or have any questions about our Jiaogulan tea, do not hesitate to contact us
    visit our website www.northlandtea.com
    we hope you will have the wonderful day with our organic Jiaogulan tea.


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    4 Reasons You Should Buy Wholesale Jiaogulan Product of Northlandtea

    4 Reasons You Should Buy Wholesale Jiaogulan Product of Northlandtea

    Northlandtea is an expert organic tea company in Thailand. There are many organic products selling, especially, Jiaogulan tea or Gynostemma pentaphyllum

    The product is also recommended and gotten more than 99% of satisfied reviews from customers on Amazon USA website. Most of Northlandtea products are exported to many countries, such as, Singapore, United Kingdom, USA, etc. Importantly, we are always on top ranking for online selling and exporting of organic Jiaogulan tea in Thailand. By the way, we will show you why you should buy wholesale Jiaogulan product from us with 4 reasons below;

        • 1. New & Fresh: Our product is always fresh due to monthly restock. We are certain that you will get the premium products which are fresh, new and ready to use immediately they are sent to you hands. We have our own factory for producing and every process is operated by man power who have experiences and tea knowledge from generation to generation more than 60 years. So, every tea leaf in the packages was picked by hands, this is the best way for collecting tea leaves for gaining the most qualities of the tea.

          • 2. USDA Standard: Our Jiaogulan tea is 100% organic tea and certified by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The tea is from natural sources in Thailand. It is grown in pure ground without chemical adulteration more than 3 years on highland. Because Jiaogulan’s benefits are perfect for medical and beauty stuffs, foods, supplements, etc., we desire you the best and purest tea for getting excellent tea with its benefits.

            • 3. World Friendly: We enjoy providing the best organic tea to people together with supporting our local farmers and friendly developing the world to go green. To avoid reforestation, we grow the tea under the forest’ origin trees. Please ensure that not only you but the world is beneficial and safe from our products.

            • 4. Worldwide Shipping: All of our products, including, Jiaogulan are available for worldwide shipping with excellent service; fast replying with clear answers and a few days preparing with making a QC double check. The products will be directly sent to your place within 7-21 days (depend on your country) and 100% money refund, in case of inappropriate products and packaging.


              Our Northlandtea Company was found by people who are passionate in tea and would like to improve products from organic tea to be the best for people. We not only love to make tea but we are specialists in the tea with many years’ experiences.

              If you are interested in our tea, our wholesale Jiaogulan product, or have some questions about us, please feel free to contact us
              search for other our products at www.northlandtea.com
              we are online daily and looking forward to servicing you, hope you enjoy our tea.



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