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    International Shipping

    1. How much does it cost to shipping?

    We want to give our customers the pleasure of drinking tea. The taste of tea is as simple as possible. Therefore, we will collect shipping fees as the most straightforward price.

        - Shipping Cost 30 $ ( Same price around the world.)


    2. I want to taste tea soon When will the products arrive?

    Your organic tea is going - we promise. Every order we export from the main branch in Bangkok and we ship order everyday.

         - Asia Zone 3-9 Days   

         - Europe Zone and America 4-10 Days

    We aim to be the fastest online tea shop.

    3. Can you receive tracking orders?

    Of course! After ordering 1 day, every order, you will receive tracking number from the email registered in our system.

    Return or exchange of products

    Our mission is to bring happiness and enjoyment to tea drinkers everywhere. (For this reason we enter this business) We work hard to respond to every order with care. If there is a problem with your purchase, please contact us at lovecustomer@northlandtea.com (provide your name, address, and order number). We will cooperate with you to help solve problems.

    - My product has arrived and has been damaged. Will you change it? Of course! We take care to keep our products strong and safe in our packaging. But the accident may occur If your product is damaged, please contact us within 48 hours at lovecustomer@nortlandtea.com.


    1. What makes your teas so delicious?

    (First of all, thank you. We’re blushing.) We’re proud of the quality of our teas and of the fact that we source them ourselves, directly from farms in the mountain regions of Thailand. We taste many teas before picking the ones we offer to our customers, ensuring that you’re getting the best tea out there.

    2. I’m an tea newbie. How do I brew my tea?

    Visit your tea’s product page for brewing instructions and tips.

    3. Your teas are internationally sourced. Are they safe to drink?

    Yes. Our teas are premium quality, fresh, and responsibly sourced, and we always make sure to obtain organic from the vendors we source them from.

    4. How much caffeine do your teas contain? Is caffeine safe to drink?

    Our teas contain 50-90mg of caffeine, less than coffee (150-200mg). The FDA states that a moderate daily caffeine intake is perfectly safe for healthy adults, and introductory studies suggest that drinking tea can boost fat oxidation and increase energy expenditure. Of course, pregnant women and individuals with specific health concerns should discuss drinking tea with their doctors.

    5. Do you do offer wholesale prices?

    Yep, we sure do. Please get in touch by shooting us an email at lovecustomer@northlandtea.com, and we’ll get back to you with an application and information on further steps.



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