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      Hi! Tea lovers

      We are open 24/7 and welcome for all orders! We also offer you both retail & wholesale products worldwide shipping with excellent service.

      Please be note: We are working hard to make the highest quality organic products to all of our valuable clients during the COVID- 19 pandemic, we wish to apologize for these delays and appreciate your patience.

      For retail shipment timeline






      1-2 business days


      DHL Express

      4-7 business days


      For wholesale shipment timeline






      7-14 business days


      DHL Express

      10- 15 business days

      Ocean freight shipment

      Depends on country


      In case of bulk purchasing over 100 Kg, we can provide you the Ocean freight shipment in order to save your shipment cost. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

      After we shipped your orders, we will send email to you immediately for tracking information and shipment details. Hope you enjoy placing your orders with us!

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

      Take it easy! Our organic teas will be right there at your place!




      How much does it cost to shipping?

      We appreciated for all orders from our valuable customers, so we always collect shipping fees as the most straightforward price without extra charge.

      When will my order be dispatched?

      We will arrange your order as soon as we received your order confirmation. Normally, we ship the orders within 1-3 business days.

      However, it may take time 7-14 days for preparing the purchasing which is over 100 kg, we would like to provide you the freshest with high quality of the organic teas.

      How can I get my tracking?

      Excellent question! When we dispatch your orders, you will receive an automated email with your tracking information and shipment details within 24 hours.



      How many types of payments you accept?

      We are pleased to say that we currently accept payments via bank transfer (Only in Thailand), credit card (via PayPal) and PayPal account. We regret to say other payment methods are not available right now though we are planning on adding them in future.

      If I don’t have PayPal account, how can I pay my order?

      We love your question! Don’t worry about that, you can settle the payment via PayPal even you don’t have the PayPal account. Please click How to Payment for the direction.

      How can I get my receipt/invoice?

      Normally, after you confirm the purchasing with us, we will send you the receipt or invoice with the payment methods to you via e-mail you left with us.


      Teas & Steeping

      Where are the teas from?

      We are so pound to say that most of our organic teas are born in the forest friendly organic farms in the northern of Thailand.

      Are your teas organic?

      Absolutely yes! Most of our teas are organic and certified by USDA Organic . We also have our own organic farms and factory which we can control all the productive processes and tea quality to make the premium organic teas for our valuable clients around the world.

      How do I brew the teas?

      We are very happy to hear you are going to enjoy our organic teas. For the instruction and tips are on the products label you have or you can see them on the tea produce page on our website. Hope you have a great time with our organic tea!

      How much caffeine do your teas contain? Is it safe to drink?

      Our teas contain 50-90 mg of caffeine, less than coffee (150-200mg). The FDA states that a moderate daily caffeine intake is perfectly safe for healthy adults. In the same way, many introductory studies suggest that drinking tea can boost fat oxidation and increase energy expenditure. However, pregnant women and individuals with specific health concerns should discuss drinking tea with their doctors.



      Do you have the wholesale prices?

      Of course! We provide organic teas & coffee for people and lots of tea shops, as well as, cafés, restaurants, hotels and medical companies around the world. We can also offer and recommend you the best tea for your business, let us help you and discuss our experiences each other at lovecustomer@northlandtea.com

      Something’s wrong with my order, what should I do?

      We do apologize if there is something wrong with your order. We are willing to assist you, please feel free to contact us directly via email.

      How do I cancel my order?

      We are sorry if there is anything wrong with your order. If you need to cancel your orders with some reasons you need to email us immediately, we will assist you as soon as possible.

      How can I return or exchange your products?

      We are sorry to hear that, if there is a problem with your purchase, please feel free to contact us at email (provide your name, address, and order number). We will cooperate with you to help soon. For more information, please back to Returns & Refund Policy.

      How much are the minimum wholesale orders?

      Good question! Just 1 kg of purchasing, we can give the special wholesale rate. With this rate, you will be received the highest quality organic teas with USDA Organic standard and worldwide shipping. How worthy it is!!